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Penn Child Research Center


The Penn Early Childhood and Family Research Center has partnered with educators, practitioners, and families to develop numerous assessments. Due to our measures’ unique foci and supporting research evidence, researchers from around the world have employed them in their work. The map below shows where our assessment tools have been used to advance research on early childhood and families.

Map of Penn Child Assessment Tools Used for Early Childhood and Families

Several of our measures are currently available for use in research:

These measures were created for research purposes only. They were developed and validated using a target population of children in a large, urban school district, which serves a large percentage of low-income, minority children. Use of these norms with a very different population is not recommended, in keeping with the national standards for educational and psychological testing (Standard 12.3, AERA, APA, & NCME, 1999).

For measurement-related publications, visit us on Scholarly Commons.

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